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Hydraulic Paper Mill Roll Stand

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Hydraulic Paper Mill Roll Stand

The hydraulic paper mill roll stand is the place where the corrugated medium is placed. It takes advantage of oil pressure to lift and move corrugated medium. Its position in the WJ computer high speed corrugated cardboard production line can be seen in diagram ① and that in HS high speed corrugated cardboard single sheet production line can be shown in diagram ①.

1. With a symmetrical structure, the hydraulic paper mill roll stand can be installed with two rolls of corrugated medium simultaneously. In this way, paper can be easily changed without stopping the machine.
2. The hydraulic driving system is able to achieve lifting, tightly clamping, loosening and aligning of corrugated medium.
3. The clamping head features an expansion design.
4. The tension is pneumatic braking controlled. In addition, it can also be made under on-line control together with the paper splicer.
5. Our hydraulic paper mill roll stand is equipped with two sets of paper feeding trolleys which push corrugated medium to the given position from two sides in a portable and flexible way.
6. The semi-closed track is entirely buried. Its main structure is welded with the 16# channel steel for firmness and durability.

Technical Specifications
HS-B Hydraulic Paper Mill Roll Stand
Work width:1400mm-2000mm
Available paper dia:Φ1500mm
Braking:single-point, double-point and multi-point

HS-C Hydraulic Paper Mill Roll Stand
Work width:2200mm-2800mm
Available paper dia:Φ1500mm
Braking:double-point and multi-point

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